Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How often do you find yourself waking up to the constant blaring of the alarm clock, only to silence it and groan about the day ahead of you? Do you find yourself loathing Mondays and saying to yourself, “It’s Wednesday – just two more days till the weekend!”

You aren’t alone. A lot of us find ourselves surviving our days for the next big thing – the upcoming weekend, the next vacation, the next party on Saturday night, the upcoming concert featuring our favorite bands. We make it our mission to plod through the “normal” days just so we can live for the weekends, for the big moments that will flash before our eyes in iridescent colors, which we’ll be tagged in photos on social media.

Unfortunately, several of us are missing out on the miracles happening around us every day in the mundane. We end up wishing our lives away because we find our days to be challenging, grating, excruciating, numbing, stressful, or simply devoid of meaning. But every single day that we are alive is full of miracles that come straight from God – even the smallest, most ordinary things are little gifts from our Creator to show how dearly He loves us.

Every single day, we encounter miracles – we just don’t realize it! Our eyes take in the cerulean skies and ardent trees. Our ears prick up when we hear a dog’s bark. We may even experience goose bumps when our favorite song plays on our headphones as the chords and rhythms flow throughout our bodies. Our fingertips can feel the coarseness of the brick walls as we let them graze our skin. All of these mundane things – the very things we take for granted – are all miracles, all gifts from God.

Have you been missing out on the miracles found in the ordinary things in life?

You Are Alive – Yes, the fact that you are alive and exist right now in this time and space is miraculous! God knit you together in your mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13), and He knows every single little thing about you. All of the conditions were just right for you to come into the world. You have a personality and set of talents like no one else, and that in itself is something to celebrate every day!

The Sun Always Rises – No matter what happens, at the end of the day, the sun will set, the moon will grace the Earth for the night, and the sun will rise again. Regardless of the day you had or where you live, you live on the same earth and see the same sun, moon, and stars as everyone else.

The Perfect Timing of the Seasons – The fragrant flowers in springtime, the warmth and sunshine of summer, the crunch of the rustic leaves beneath our feet in autumn, and the beauty of falling snow of winter – it’s the perfect change of the seasons, and God has it all in His hands. The best thing is we don’t even need to do a thing to affect it – we just need to stand back and appreciate the seasons’ beauty.

Your Own Body – You might not have the perfect body. You may be experiencing setbacks right now, but your body works. Your heart is busy beating, pumping blood through your veins, and your veins are expanding as you breathe. These are just some of the automatic actions that your body does – think now about what you can make your body do. It can run, dance, and enjoy a medley of flavors during mealtime. No body is perfect, but the fact that your body functions in all its complexity is truly miraculous.

Random Acts of Kindness – That person who opted to cover your fee on the bus when you were a dollar short? That coworker who saw you struggle with a tough assignment and made you a cup of coffee to help you stay awake? That loving spouse who holds your hand as you make your way home? Yes, these are all small but meaningful miracles that display God’s great love for us all.

Friendship – Step back and think about it for a minute. Isn’t it a miracle that you found a group of friends in your general vicinity that enjoys the same things as you and wants to spend time with you? Just having the ability to share our lives with these special people, to listen to their dreams and hopes, to help each other in our struggles, and to truly understand one another is an everyday miracle.

Keep in mind, brothers and sisters, that even the birth of our Lord and Savior – the greatest miracle of all time – took place in a lowly manger outside of a tiny, forgettable village. So just for a moment, be still and notice what is around you. Notice your heart beating steadily inside your body. Notice how your stomach and chest expand as you breathe. Now think about the seemingly small things that we take for granted in life: your friends’ smiles and laughter, your coworkers’ goofy quirks and jokes, the fragrant perfume that your mother wears, your grandfather’s old stories (yes, even if you’ve heard them countless times), the feeling of your mouth twitching upward into a smile, the gentle sensation of a kiss with your beloved, and the warmth of the embrace of someone you cherish. These everyday things and events can accumulate and bring you a life full of happy memories and experiences.

Miracles happen every day, indeed. We just need to learn to look for them a little more closely, savor them, and thank God for them!