30 Days of Restoration

We are energized by change and challenges. At the end of July, we experienced a record breaking amount of rain in just a matter of hours. During this time we experienced storm damage to multiple areas in two of our buildings. This put a challege in front of us! Through our giving we will rise to this challege and overcome because we know that God never leads us back, He always leads us forward!

Below are pictures to show how God will use us through our giving. Thank you for giving and in 30 days we see this paid and done.

Estimated Interior Damage from the storm: $32,000
Roof Drain Repair: $18,000
Fix Dock Drain and Install Pump: $75,000
Estimated Move North Campus Drains and Seal Foundation: $50,000

Total: $175,000

Making it possible:

175 Families or Businesses sowing $1000

350 Families or Businesses sowing $500

700 Families or Businesses sowing $700

Areas with Damage: