Dream Again/Skate Again with Staycee Dixson

Saturdays 10:30am

We have been waiting on you! We are so excited you want to join our Dream Again & Skate Again Small Group! Together we will find hope through the word of God giving us confidence to take new risks in life and on the roller skating rink. If you haven’t been on the skating rink in a while, it’s okay! You will not be alone because neither have I! But just like Dreaming Again, you will learn to use muscles or the tools God has provided for you to help nourish your hope. Or maybe, you are dope at skating! This would be a perfect opportunity for you to share your experience and gifts. Or maybe this is your opportunity take bigger risks and set bigger dreams. Either way, we need you and would love to have you!

Group Meeting Location
Saint Peters, 63376-2431