Steppers On The Rock

Tuesdays 6pm

DREAM AGAIN! Wouldn’t that be amazing? Pastor is going to be giving us some life changing tools that will allow us to do just that! After reviewing/discussing his series, we will STEP together.

 Step is a powerful form of dance that emphasizes a variety of precise rhythmic movements such as: Stomps, Claps, Pats, Blades, and much more! I have been stepping for 10+ Years and have led as a Team Captain for 3 Years. 

This is a group that appreciates and acknowledges ALL levels of performance and ALL walks of life. (Which means whether you’re a complete Beginner or an Experienced Veteran, you’re welcome here!)

Preparedness List:

  • Notes/Pen for “Dream Again” Series

  • Comfy Clothes to Step In

  • Water (Step is Very Physical, It’s Important To Stay Hydrated)

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at anytime!

Group Meeting Location
Español Campus