Wednesday, July 21, 2021
    Welcome to our Garage Bible Study for the summer. Today we talk about how to respond when disappointment comes. Find out more on today's devotional.


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  • Joseph Little, Jr.

    Bible Study Comments

    From disappointment to divine appointment!

  • Brese Squires

    Bible Study Comments

    Awesome Word ! This is Great for us Men of God and it is Good Fruit. Amen

  • Ron Young

    Bible Study Comments

    Great teaching Pastor Blunt; thanks for feeding us!

  • Douglas Birk

    Bible Study Comments

    Thanks for finding new ways to share eternal truths. God bless COTR!

  • Melvin Griffin

    Bible Study Comments

    Thanks, Pastor,
    My will is to do the will of my heavenly father and to be his tool to carry out his word. This garage series is increasing my knowledge. His words are letting me know God is truly for me.