Dream Again with Linda Gaither

Tuesdays 6pm

My name is Linda Gaither and I have been attending COTR since 1994 and currently serve as a Dream Team Volunteer on the Parking Lot and as an academic tutor for our SEU site campus. This is my third semester to lead a small group. Every semester God has used the small group to increase my understanding of who He is and His purpose for my life. I have also made new connections with fellow believers and developed more community. One amazing benefit to me doing my group on Zoom is my mother and brother in Illinois get to participate. She has been my role model and best friend for my whole life and having her wisdom as a part of my small group is a major blessing. My expectation for this semester is that each of will learn to hear God more clearly and grow in His purpose for us. Come join us on Zoom on Tuesday nights from 6-7 PM. The best is yet to come .Our hope increases as we learn how to dream again.

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