Leading Generations to God


While this year challenged us Church on the Rock’s mission statement of leading people to a God who is for them and help them discover His purpose for their life played out in so many ways. Thanks to your involvement and generosity, we were able to make a difference in our Church and community. You’ve made a difference and we believe the best is yet to come!

Thank you for trusting us with your giving. We don’t take it lightly. God has entrusted us with being wise with every dollar that comes in and we make sure that each dollar is spent with that in mind. We will continue to be good stewards of the finances at Church on the Rock and we will continue to reach out beyond our four walls to make a difference in our community and around the world.

The Collins

We have been coming to COTR for about 10 years. It started with Mike (Kristen’s dad) coming on Wednesday nights. Kristen and her mom began going with him. When Kristen and I started dating, almost 8 years ago, we started coming together with my 2 children. We all have been coming ever since, all 4 of our children, my aunt and uncle, and his children, even my grandmother came before she passed away.

To see a multi-generational church is an inspiration. It makes you feel good to know you have an amazing pastor-teacher whose words span generations. To see Daniel and Ethan taking the next steps to lead this ministry in the future is a comfort. To know I can bring my family, my grandkids, and their kids to COTR is amazing.

We will continue to invest in this house of God through tithes, offerings, and our time. Our oldest children have started serving and our youngest are on their way. We will continue to focus on God’s word and infusing it into our family. We will continue instilling the culture of COTR in our family, God never leads us back, He always leads us forward.

Thank you Pastor and Pastor Kim for your vision, faith, and inspiration for the last 9 years and through this pandemic! You make sure we all know everything matters! We are stronger because of the anointing God has laid on each of you! God is for you!

The Morenos

We’ve been coming to Church on the Rock since 2016. During this time, we experienced a transformation in our lives through the Word of God. The opportunity to Know God in a deeper way helped us make a difference in the lives of others.

The legacy of Church on the Rock is the best legacy I have ever experienced in my life. Growing up without a father but what I am learning now here at Church on the Rock is to grow in faith. By us applying our faith into action we are leading our kids into this next generation so that’s the best legacy I can leave my kids. That is not about the things in life but it’s about relationships that you build in life. Through the legacy of Church on the Rock that’s what we are building our characters, our faith and our leadership for our kids to become better!

The Melendez

I came to Church on the Rock 21 years ago, when i was 8 years old. My parents were looking for a church with an engaging children's ministry and were having a difficult time. After coming to Church on the Rock for the first time on a Wednesday night, I couldn't stop talking about how much I loved the kids church. So my parents decided to make COTR our home. I knew I wanted to stay and continue to carry the legacy because of the leadership, the teaching, and the mission. Church on the Rock is a place where you feel at home, where you feel accepted and supported, and a place where the leaders genuinely care about you and your spiritual growth. The legacy of Church on the Rock is the reason why I am where/who I am today. "To lead people to a God who is for them, and help them discover His purpose for their life." This is what COTR has done for me and my family. It was at COTR that I learned about God and made Him Lord over my life, where I was baptized, where I discovered and grew in my gifts, and where I found my calling. It is where I met my husband and where we dedicated our son to the Lord, and now is where we get to watch him grow and learn about Jesus. Growing up at Church on the Rock, I had leaders who were committed to helping me grow and who were available when I needed encouragement. They made a major impact on my life and I want to carry that on and be there for others to remind them that God is for them.

The Dolvins

Back in 2017, we had just gotten married and were looking forward to finding a church home that we could attend together. Jihye had attended COTR when she first came to the USA as a student and recommended that we visit and see if COTR was a good fit for the both of us.

When considering the ideal church home, I placed great weight on the message - faithful, actionable instruction. Jihye was looking for a good message as well, but also wanted a church with a good worship team. We found what we were looking for at COTR - and much, much more.

There is certainly a culture and an atmosphere at COTR that you won't find in most churches. From the volunteers to the leadership, the people of COTR make the difference, and their energy and passion for serving the Lord and the fellow man are both highly admirable and infectious. As promised, God blessed us well beyond anything we could ever ask or think by leading us to COTR.

COTR has provided a safe, positive, and supportive atmosphere where our family can take in the Word of God, fellowship with some of the greatest people we’ve ever had the pleasure to meet, and serve God and our communities as members of the Dream Team. COTR has brought our family closer together; but more importantly, it’s brought us all closer to God. The value of these things can’t be measured.

Shaquia Reed

Before Church on the Rock I was in a lost state, no purpose, couldn’t feel love, and wasn’t able to trust people due to past hurts and trauma. A friend invited me to the Young Adults ministry Inspire. I felt the presence of God and the warmth of his love there and the next week few weeks I came to morning services, rededicated my life, and joined!

Church on the Rock is truly about growth and legacy. I have never been in an environment where not only could I grow, but continue growing, because of the seeds of the Word being planted in my heart and people truly LIVING IT. I want those who come here to experience that empowering, overcoming, abundant life despite anything in their past.

To me, the Legacy of COTR means changing generations. Change starts somewhere and I am grateful to have Pastors who are humble and full of God’s wisdom by the Spirit, who adjust and lead well no matter the circumstances. Their example has impacted me to pursue growth, change, and humility in every area of life. People empowering people to change the world!
 and if not COTR, then at least to a vision and desire for a relationship with God, and the intention to seek His house no matter where they go.
At COTR, I have found my purpose and calling to attend SEU to pursue Counseling. The best way to leave a legacy is God's way. Letting people know that whatever the circumstance, God is for them. When the Word says “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me,” I believe that. COTR has helped me to make that my life’s goal through counseling.

The Maldonado's

About 13 years ago we were a part of a Bible study with a group of friends and they invited us to come here. They told us everything was in English and we thought we might not come if we don’t understand but one Sunday we decided to come. I remember taking our kids to the kid's ministry and as soon we saw the place we fell in love. Right after that, we walked into the auditorium, and even though we didn’t understand what they were singing we started praising and worshiping God in our own language. I remember when Pastor started teaching, we didn’t understand much but we got the message God had for us that day and we decided to come back again. Even though it has been a process, I got involved in the Kids Ministry and today we are not afraid of the language barrier anymore.

Thanks to the Legacy of Church on the Rock, we can continue to carry the vision, strengthening the foundation so that we can continue to make a difference generation after generation. When we came here we were served, now as a family, we want to continue to give our best in our serving just like someone did for us when we first came here.

The Washington's

I had just moved to St. Louis and my secretary knew I hadn’t found a church and suggested Church on the Rock. Two weeks later a stranger in a restaurant walked up to me and invited me to Church on the Rock. That same week the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me to go to
COTR. So thankful I was obedient and came. The culture, diversity, teaching, love, and family at COTR kept me coming back.
COTR’s legacy means a lot to me because of the Kingdom difference it is making in the lives of those who attend and those watching around the world. COTR has left a lasting impact on my life through my Pastors’ teaching, sacrifices they continue to make, church culture, and servant’s hearts.

I am taking the teachings, culture, sacrifices, and servant’s heart modeled to me by Pastor David and Kim and carrying them on through my organization Tower of Hope. Their teachings and legacy will continue for generations to come. I am also a Kingdom Builder and sow seeds to be certain the legacy continues.

The Pursley's

I’ve been coming to Church on the Rock for almost 2 years now. When I first came to Celebrate Recovery my life was at the bottom of the barrel. Not only was I broken my family was broken as well. I built a support group attending Celebrate Recovery and then started to attend service and saw that there were some good opportunities for my whole family to get involved. We are not the same people we were when we first attended Church on the Rock. We’ve seen the growth in our lives and how attending Church on the Rock has impacted my life and my family. Today i'm experiencing freedom and I have joy on and I’m able to be a better husband and father for my family. It's just a whole new life!

The Plunkett's

When we first came to Church on the Rock we were lost, we were broken. From the moment we stepped in the building we felt special, we felt love and that we belonged. Pastor Blunt has taught us that God will use things in our past that didn't work out for our good. It was then we started realizing that our testimony and our past could help others. That’s when we started serving in Celebrate Recovery. We use our past experiences to help other people find freedom just like we did. That's a legacy we want to be part of. It fills us with joy to be able to make a difference in the life’s of others that have had similar experiences in life that we did but that there is hope and freedom in Jesus!