Guest Speaker

At the age of 42, Marilyn Hickey responded to God’s call on her life to ‘cover the earth with His Word’ (Isaiah 11:9). The natural inclination to reach out, to celebrate people and culture, were traceable in Marilyn’s formative years; yet she had no idea how God would send her around the globe teaching the Bible and building bridges with people of all cultures and religious backgrounds, especially in the Muslim world.

The Lord has continually opened doors of opportunity for Marilyn in nearly 130 countries. This includes private meetings and prayer with high- ranking Muslim and Hindu government officials. Her lectures on healing and the Bible have broken records for the largest public meeting ever held in that nation’s history, including Cairo, Egypt and Pakistan.

Together with her Partners:

  • We’ve traveled 126 countries, hosted 55 group tours, and more than 40 International Meetings, with more every year
  • In 2012, we held Pakistan’s largest religious gathering ever: 400,000 attended, and thousands gave their lives to Christ
  • Sent tents, water, and blankets to Pakistani earthquake survivors
  • Held healing meetings in Sudan: 200,000 attended, 40,000 responded to give their lives to Christ
  • Built water wells in Ethiopia, and bomb shelters in Sderot, Israel
  • Funded a community center in Indonesia following the Tsunami
  • We reach 130 countries though TV and media (with a potential audience of 2.2 billion households worldwide)