Wednesday, July 28, 2021
    Welcome to our Garage Bible Study for the summer. We discuss how important it is for Godly men to tell stories of God's goodness to their families. Find out more on today's devotional.


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  • James Wright Jr.

    Bible Study Comments

    I'm so excited to share faith and word stories with my family.

  • Ron Picker

    Bible Study Comments

    Thank you Pastor for the mid-week lift you give us with an encouraging word each week.

  • Dawon Gore

    Bible Study Comments

    Thank you for this God breath word. It’s something I’ve been speaking over my children for years now; Legacy. Children will remember these stories for generations, which will inspire them to do the same in their families. Thank you 🙏🏽

  • Steve Himmel

    Bible Study Comments

    Thank you Pastor for the encouragement to tell the stories of God’s goodness to our children.

  • James Stevens

    Bible Study Comments

    Thanks,Pastor for the insights of a Godly man of reading stories to your children children with a family building a Legacy . James Stevens

  • Melvin Griffin

    Bible Study Comments

    Thanks, Pastor for the message. As a man of almost 70 years old I still remember stories that my grandfather told. Leaving a legacy to my children and my children is very important to me and your message today confirm that.

    Melvin. Griffin