Wednesday, August 18, 2021

    Welcome to our Garage Bible Study for the summer. To be strong leaders for our families, the Bible should be our compass and the filter we use when we look at the world. Find out more on today's devotional.


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  • Dawon Gore

    Bible Study Comments

    Exactly Pastor.. should always be, “What does the WORD say”. Amen 🙏🏽

  • Gregory Mercer

    Bible Study Comments

    Great Word Pastor. Thank you so much.

  • Ron Picker

    Bible Study Comments

    Thank you Pastor for another wonderful reminder to spend time in the Word every day!

  • Mike Batchelor

    Bible Study Comments

    Excellent word! Thank You Pastor Blunt!

  • Mike Alter

    Bible Study Comments

    Thanks Pastor, great reminder to maintain a "word view" !

  • Matt Byrd

    Bible Study Comments

    Spot on. Thank you for that word Pastor🙏🏽

  • Ron Young

    Bible Study Comments

    Good morning Pastor Blunt; powerful teaching. Thank you!

  • Mike Moore

    Bible Study Comments

    Great Word Pastor, thank you!

  • Mark Supak

    Bible Study Comments

    So powerful! We need a filter! Not a worldview but a wordview! What does the word say? And then lead that way! Thank you Pastor!