Wednesday, September 15, 2021
    You know what classic cars and men have in common? You always have to be tweaking, improving and growing. 

    Today I teach a very important principle out of Genesis 1. The very first thing God declared over the home was the blessing. As men, we need to model that and declare God’s blessing over our families. 

    Watch today’s devotional to know how to model this principle for our families because what we say is more powerful than what God has said over our family.


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  • Ron Picker

    Bible Study Comments

    Thanks Pastor for another powerful word of encouragement!

  • Ron Young

    Bible Study Comments

    Great encouragement Pastor Blunt. Thank You!

  • Billy Williams

    Bible Study Comments

    Thank you pastor I will declare blessing over my family and house every morning.

  • Mike Moore

    Bible Study Comments

    Release the blessing over our home, what great word! I want an RSS life, all the options! Be blessed! What you say is more powerful than what God said over my life, wow!

  • Mark Supak

    Bible Study Comments

    Thank you Pastor! This so powerful the blessing that we as men speak over our family! How it’s more important what we say! Great stuff!