Wednesday, September 22, 2021

    Today, I want to talk to you about something you don't hear very often. Your role as a curse breaker and blessing releaser.

    Godly men are to be curse breakers! It's our choice to leave a legacy and break any generational curse that is over our families. You and I can break the weakness that has been passed down to us. Good news! We have the answer to how we can do this!

    Watch today's devotional to learn how we can declare and break those weaknesses by using the Word of God and taking authority of God's power.


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  • Brese Squires

    Bible Study Comments

    Glory To God..Great Message

  • Lonnie Arnold

    Bible Study Comments

    Thank you Pastor, Daniel, and the rest of the team.

  • Gregory Mercer

    Bible Study Comments

    Thank you Pastor for continuously equipping us with a right now Word. Awesome Word and worship. Thanks again.

  • Ron Picker

    Bible Study Comments

    Thank you Pastor for another excellent teaching and thank you for all you do to get the gospel message out each week.

    Thank you Daniel and Ellie for the anointed worship each week.

  • Douglas Birk

    Bible Study Comments

    Thank you Pastor, we are blessed by this message to be a blessing releaser and a curse breaker

  • Billy Williams

    Bible Study Comments

    This is a great reminder of the authority we have in Christ. Thank you pastor

    Worship was

  • Matt Byrd

    Bible Study Comments

    Thank you Pastor. As a father myself, this word was so empowering🙏🏽

  • Ricky Melendez

    Bible Study Comments

    Thank you, Pastor, and team for the weekly bible study. Also, thank you for being consistent, and real. God bless you!

  • Mark Supak

    Bible Study Comments

    Thank you Pastor for teaching us Men how to be curse breakers!

  • Ron Young

    Bible Study Comments

    Right now word for mid-week; thank you Pastor Blunt.