Wednesday, September 29, 2021

    Today I want to help you with the number one need Christian men are facing. What is the need? Watch today’s devotional to learn what that need is and how you can fill that need to continue to grow as Christian men.


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  • Lonnie Arnold

    Bible Study Comments

    Thank you Pastor, Daniel, and Eli.

  • Ron Picker

    Bible Study Comments

    Thanks for another excellent message Pastor!

  • Ron Roberts

    Bible Study Comments

    Thanks pastor! This helped so much! Problem solver! Peace maker! Brings joy and favor

  • Ron Young

    Bible Study Comments

    Thanks for the word Pastor Blunt; we’re called to be problem solvers.

  • Billy Williams

    Bible Study Comments

    Thank you pastor

  • Don Aulbert II

    Bible Study Comments

    This was the WORD that I needed today. Thank you Pastor Blunt.

  • Mike Moore

    Bible Study Comments

    Awesome word, become a maker and maintainer of peace.

  • Tommy Prater

    Bible Study Comments

    So amazing! When I am a problem solver I am a peacemaker. It’s being the favor of God. Thankful for todays Bible Study to help me see how I can continue to solve problems around me and be the man God has called me to be.