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December 6, 2022

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m sure you know that Christmas time is one of the most hectic, stressful times of the year. On the family side of things you have school events, presents to buy, and get-togethers to plan for. Over on the marketplace side of things, you’ve got deadlines to meet, end of the year reports to finish, and provide bonuses for your employees.

U.S News and World Report did a report last year at this time polling people about their concerns for the holidays. Here is what they found:

  • 50% of respondents said they are worried about affording gifts and food for the season
  • 37% were wondering if they could find and secure the right gifts
  • 25% said they were afraid of contracting COVID
  • 21% said they were concerned about travel
  • 20% were dreading having to discuss politics

Many other factors contributed to people’s stress as well. Employment change, loss of loved ones, depression, were all other reasons that caused people to feel overwhelmed and anxious at the holiday season. Let me give you a few suggestions that can help you and the team you lead when you feel overwhelmed and anxious.

  1. Look at your PERSPECTIVE. One of my mentors and dear friends, Dr. Jerry Savelle, once told me that the secret to success in ministry is PERSPECTIVE. Many times things seem worse and bigger than they are because we have the wrong PERSPECTIVE. Legacy Leaders see things from God’s point of view. They remind themselves that nothing is impossible with Him, no matter how bleak things may look to you in the natural.
  2. Look at your PRIORITIES. Your relationship with God is the most important thing you have — and nothing or no one can take that away from you. If you have Him, you are extremely blessed and have all that you need to fix any problem you will ever face, or to even make a fresh start with your life if you have to.
  3. Look at your PRAYER LIFE. Keep the lines of communication open with God so that you can receive His wisdom and direction regarding your situation. Ask him to help you make the right connections, lay hold of the right resources, make the right choices, and take the right steps in the days ahead. Trust Him to guide you, then follow His leading.
  4. Look at your PROCESSES. Lee Cockerell, former head of Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, always says, “The solution to a reoccurring problem is a new and better system.” If things continue to seem out of control, maybe it’s time to reevaluate some of your systems. Over time, checklists and processes need to be updated and renewed to meet the demands of our ever-changing environment and circumstances.
  5. Look at your PRAISE LIFE. Make God bigger than your problem. Psalm 34:3 tells us to “MAGNIFY HIM!”

When life gets too big, we have to remember that God’s not the problem—He’s the answer. If we cooperate with Him and allow Him to adjust us, He’ll be able to bring us the victory we need!

Recommended Book:
Organize Tomorrow Today by Jason Selk


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God is for You!
Pastor Blunt

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