Weekly Leadership Lifter

January 30, 2023

““You all know," said the Guide, "that security is mortals' greatest enemy.” — C.S. Lewis

Have you ever taken a moment and thought about how good we have it? We are currently living in one of the most comfortable times in history. We have unparalleled access to food and shelter. We hold in our hand a device that can carry thousands of books and movies wherever we go. We have the ability to attend some of the most prestigious universities in the world from our kitchen table. Today, with improvements in diet, exercise, and medicine we are able to easily overcome many of the physical obstacles that devastated our grandparents’ generation.

With the onset of “helicopter parenting,” children are being raised in sanitized, powder puffed environments where they never hear “no”, where every problem they have magically disappears, and where they are given everything they want when they want it. Work, pain, grit, and hard are foreign four-letter words that many of today’s generation are aggressively shielded from. While our motives may be pure, scientists tell us that our created culture of comfort is leading to a culture of complacency

Tyler Cowen, author of the book, “The Complacent Class” tells us while it’s fun and easy to stay home, have food brought to us by Uber Eats, binge watch 25 episodes of Love is Blind, and throw the kids an iPad to serve as the babysitter, our extreme life of comfort and convenience have brought about some serious consequences. Mr. Cowen says as our comfort has increased, so has our complacency. Americans have stopped taking risks.

We self-medicate ourselves more, we are more fearful, and we are less innovative. Startups and businesses being created have declined every decade since the 1980’s. Americans are traveling less, moving less, and changing their vocations in far fewer numbers than in years past.

“Success is not guaranteed, it's temporary.”
— Frank Sonnenberg

This week’s Leadership Lifter is a bit of a warning. Don’t let up! Don’t get comfortable or complacent. Keep pressing on until you become the Leader God has called you to be. The older we get the more we have to fight complacency. It becomes easier and easier to rest on yesterday’s victories but my charge to you is to KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

Here’s 5 Ways You Can Battle Complacency and Win

  1. Get a fresh Word from God. As long as you’re still here, there’s more for you to do. Spend time with Him and find out your next step. 
  2. Keep your drive alive. Stay excited about learning and growing. 
  3. Visualize yourself at the next level. Set growth goals for yourself. 
  4. Eliminate diversions and distractions. Get focused on what matters. 
  5. Invest time, money, and effort in improving yourself. Look for resources and relationships that will lift and inspire you to greater things. 

You and I will never make significant progress in our comfort zone. So keep enlarging your borders!

Recommended Book:
Success is a Choice by Rick Pitono


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God is for you!
Pastor Blunt

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