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June 8, 2023

"Legendary leaders who want to grow their enterprise by addition seek to attract followers, but leaders who want to see growth through multiplication DEVELOP LEADERS.”
— John Maxwell

In the last few decades there has been a real change in the way Major League Baseball teams run their organizations. In the old days, teams would try and woo the most amazing free agent all-stars to their team through multi-year contracts, merchandising deals, and state of the art facilities. The markets with the most revenue would be able to offer more and in turn usually land the best players.

There were many drawbacks and risks to this model. Firstly, many times that player would get injured and not be able to perform his best causing the team to lose quite a bit of their investment. Secondly, because the player had come from another organization, he would bring a different culture to the clubhouse that didn’t mesh well with the rest of the team. And thirdly, there could be a “hired gun” mentality, where the player really didn’t have an authentic connection to the team. They were merely there for a paycheck. When the next bigger offer came along, they were out the door.

Baseball executives began to realize that if they wanted to see lasting success and get a good ROI, they would have to invest more into minor league development. I encourage you to check out the movie “Moneyball” with Brad Pitt and you will see how some of this mindset began to take hold. Front offices would have to put more time and effort into recognizing and developing the players and leaders that they already had if they wanted to create a culture of winning.

One of the ways that you and I can develop the leaders we already have is through “Coaching.” Some of you have the picture of a Bobby Knight type figure spitting, yelling, and throwing things to get his team motivated, but that’s not what Coaching is at all. The concept of coaching I’m talking about is straight from the Bible.

Author Tim Roehl says, “mentoring” is pouring in, but “coaching” is different. “Coaching” is pulling out. Pulling out the best in someone. Helping to sharpen and strengthen their gifts and abilities.

If you get a chance, read Exodus 18:1-24. In it we see Moses’ father-in-law Jethro take on the role of coach in his life. Jethro recognized Moses’ potential and began to do a few things that we can use as a framework in our own coaching.

  1. He met with Moses. (vs 7)
  2. He took time to find out how he was doing personally. (vs 7)
  3. He listened. (vs 8)
  4. He celebrated with Moses. (vs 9)
  5. He worshipped with him. (vs 12)
  6. He ate with Moses. (vs 12)
  7. He watched Moses work. (vs 14)
  8. He asked him probing questions. (vs 15)
  9. Challenged his unproductive behavior. (vs 17)
  10. Gave wise counsel. (vs 18-23)

If you want to see exponential growth, begin to coach and mentor the leaders on your team. When our young leaders have coaches in their life, they are more productive, they have support in tough times, and they increase in maturity and skill at a fast pace.

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God is for you,
Pastor Blunt


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