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May 8, 2023

I was listening to an interview with the legendary manager Tony La Russa and he said something that caught my attention. The reporter conducting the interview asked him if he could give him an example of a motivational speech that he would give his players to make them perform better in a game. La Russa grinned and said, “Players at the Major League level don’t have to be motivated or fired up. The “best” don’t need to be inspired. They are professionals. They know the processes, the preparation, the adjustments they need to make to figure it out.”

While I could spend this Leadership Lifter talking about motivation, what stuck out to me in that quote was the importance of having the “best” on your team. If you want to be the best in the marketplace, you have to strive to recruit the “best” to your team. The “best” bring results, not roadblocks. The “best” multiply your time, not waste it. The “best” solve problems, they don’t create them.

But let me tell you, attracting the best isn’t always easy. According to Harvard Business Review, there is a big change in how people view work and what they value in a workplace. A recent study they cited said that “41% of employees in the global workforce are considering resigning from their roles, and 36% of those leaving their roles do so without having their next job in place.”

The reason? Well, in the past, the majority of employees cared about compensation or if they found their work interesting or not. Now, there is a shift, employees want to see that their employer cares about them and that their values and beliefs align.

Here are a few things that can help you attract the best:

  1. VISION attracts. If people believe in what you’re doing, it will pull them to you like a magnet.
  2. EXCELLENCE attracts. People like to be part of something they can feel proud of.
  3. ORGANIZATION attracts. Chaos, confusion, and clutter are turnoffs to quality people.
  4. TOOLS attract. People like to work for companies that provide them with the necessary, up-to-date equipment they need to do a good job.
  5. TRAINING attracts. People like to work somewhere that fosters an environment of growth.
  6. APPRECIATION attracts. People like to go where they feel wanted and appreciated.
  7. INTEGRITY attracts. Do your words and promises match your actions?
  8. CULTURE attracts. Is there a sense of belonging within your organization? Do people feel they have a voice?
  9. SUCCESS attracts. People like to work for a winner. Nobody wants to board a sinking ship.
Remember: You attract what you are, not just what you want. So if you’re unhappy with the people you are attracting, you might want to check up on yourself and see if you’re modeling the above traits to your current employees. If you want the best, be the best. You’re the leader and you set the pace. It all starts with you!

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God is for You,
Pastor Blunt


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